Removing The Conditions Of Your Legal Permanent Residency

The K1 Fiance Visa requires the Petitioner and Beneficiary to get married within 90 days after the foreign fiancé enters the US. After getting married, the couple must then apply for the foreign spouse’s Legal Permanent Residency (Green Card). Once granted, the Beneficiary has Conditional Legal Permanent Residency status. The conditional nature of this status must be removed within 90 days before the two year anniversary of the date that USCIS granted the foreign spouse his or her Legal Permanent Residency.

To remove the conditions attached to the Conditional Legal Permanent Residency, you will need to file form I-751. Further, you will need to support your application with evidence that you and your spouse have been living together as a married couple. Suggestions include, utility bills, medical coverage, lease or mortgage agreements showing both names, pictures and Affidavits from at least two people who know you personally. See online instructions for the Form I-751.

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