After the K1 Fiance Visa is issued

After you receive your K1 Fiance visa, you have up to 6 months to enter the United States. Then once in the United States, you must get married within 90 days of your arrival or return home. If you have children who were issued K2 Visas, they can travel with you or within one year after your K1 Fiance visa was issued to you. If they do not plan to travel with you or within one year, they are not eligible for the K2 visa.
The next step in the process for the fiancé, after getting married, is to file for Legal Permanent Residency. This is also called Adjustment of Status. This must be done as soon after the marriage as practical. Separate petitions for Legal Permanent Residency must be filed for any children who entered the US on a K2 visa under the age of 21.
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