The basics of getting a Fiance Visa

Obtaining a K1 Fiance Visa is essentially a two part process. First, you must file form I-129f and a G-325A for both of the parties. These forms along with several required documents must be filed with USCIS to obtain your Fiance Visa. Form I-129f will provide you with the current filing location and address. Make sure you are using the most recent forms for the most current information. Your application for a Fiancee Visa will stay with USCIS until a decision is made in 4-5 months. Once approved, USCIS will advise the US Embassy closest to where your foreign fiancee lives that you have been approved for your K1 Visa. You will be notified by the US Embassy when they are ready to work with you. Working with the US Embassy is the second part of the process.

Working with the US Embassy, it typically takes about 60-90 days to receive your fiance visa. Each US Embassy has their own set of rules and procedures so you will need to review them carefully. Many times the US Embassy will email you or send you a letter with their rules and procedures. You can also likely find them on their web site. You will be required to submit forms and documents to the US Embassy per their instructions. You will also need to obtain a police report and a medical exam for the US Embassy. Once you have submitted all the required forms and documents, you can scheduled your fiance visa interview.  After passing the interview, you will be given your  K1 Fiancee Visa. It takes about 7-14 days to actually receive your fiance visa. That’s it, your done.

Conceptionally, the process of obtaining a K1 Fiance Visa is not to difficult to understand. What makes the process of obtaining a K1 Fiancee Visa difficult are the many details and requirements that must be met and processed correctly. For instance, form I-129f is three pages long with several pages of instructions. For anyone trying to fill out all of the forms and procure the right documents for the first time, it would be very hard to do without mistakes. For this reason, I strongly recommend that you hire legal counsel to do the work for you. It will be done correctly and quickly and you will have “peace of mind” for a matter of great importance to you.

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