Scheduling the Embassy Interview for a K1Fiance Visa

In all the excited of getting your approval from USCIS for your K1 Fiance Visa, many of you may wish to schedule your Embassy interview at the earliest date. This is understandable. However, you should not try and schedule your interview until you have received your K1 Fiance Visa instructions from the Embassy and you have completed each step required by the US Embassy. Further, I would not schedule your Embassy interview until after you have received the Petitioner’s I-134 Affidavit of Support and all of the supporting financial documents.
At the Embassy interview, you will be required to submit an original signed I-134 Affidavit of Support and the Petitioner’s supporting financial documents. This means that the Petitioner must mail these items directly to you before the interview. Unfortunately, there are times when the mail gets lost or delayed and you don’t want to show up to the interview without these forms and documents, nor do you want to try and re-schedule your interview. Be patient and wait until you have everything in hand first, and then schedule your interview.
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Attorney Jeff Pettys
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