Defending the K1 Fiance Visa

I’ve been assisting couples for many years who live in different countries and wish to get married. In most cases, the couple have met online, or through a friend or relative and wish to apply for a K1 Fiance Visa so they can get married and live together in The United States as husband and wife.  Nearly all of these relationships have been genuine and have passed the test of time. With few exceptions, the couples that I have worked with over the years have stayed together, raised families and are enjoying their lives together. I haven’t stayed in touch with everyone that I have helped obtain a fiancé visa, but I do hear from many and it always makes me feel good to see them doing well. Its not easy to blend different cultures and races, so making it work takes real love. Of course, there is always the possibility of fraud and it’s a legitimate concern for Immigration, but by in large, these relationships are genuine and work out well. In some ways, I think the process of waiting for a Fiance Visa and the time spent talking with each other while being apart may actually be beneficial to the relationship. Its hard to be apart from someone you care about and only being able to talk with each other because you are separated by great distances seems to really help the couples get to know and understand each other before living together as husband and wife. Although unscientific, my K1 Fiance clients seem to stay together longer and are generally happier than some of the folks in my neighborhood who met in a more traditional manner, and who didn’t have to go through the hard process of being apart from each other at the beginning of their relationship.
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Attorney Jeff Pettys
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