Basic Skills of English Pronunciation Course

Learning to understand English is an important step in the Immigration process. Most if not all immigration proceedings will include an interview of the foreign national and that interview will be conducted in English. Every applicant for a K1 Fiance Visa or Marriage Visa will be interviewed at the end of the process by a US Embassy employee and that interview will be conducted in English. For this reason, its important that the foreign fiancé or spouse learn to speak and understand English. For some that have studied English in school, this may not be a problem. However, for those fiances or spouses who’s English is not so good, I recommend that you work on your English while your immigration papers are being processed. There are many English classes and courses that you can buy online or attend in person. One English course that I really like is offered by a company called Pronounce English and you can find their company web site at Its an inexpensive app for your smart phone or tablet and it seems to work great!  You simply download the materials and start learning! At $39.95, its a steal.
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