Proofing a genuine relationship for a K1 Fiance Visa

In order to obtain a K1 Fiance Visa, you will need to demonstrate that you have a genuine loving relationship and that you wish and intend to get married. To proof that you have such a relationship, you will need to submit evidence to USCIS and the US Embassy convincing them that you are truly in love. The type of evidence can vary from case to case, but the following evidence is very helpful and should always be provided at a minimum:
  • Personal letters from each of you describing how you met, when you met in person and what about each other caused you to fall in love. – This is likely the first piece of evidence that an Immigration officer will look at. Be open about your feelings and tell Immigration that you are in love. Give them details of how you met, when you met in person, what you did together and how you feel. Also state that you intend to get married within90 day so your fiancés arrival in the US.
  • Photos of the two of you together- Photos prove that you have met. Provide Photos that show that you are happy and in love. Photos that show playfulness and being together are always a good choice.

  • Photos of the two of you with family. – Photos with family members is important. Its shows that the family is aware of your relationship. People who are in love, share their good fortune with family.
  • Passport pages with stamps showing that you were in your fiancés country when you state that you met in person. – Passport stamps prove you were at last in the country where you claim you have a fiancé.
  • Airlines tickets confirming your travel dates.- Airline tickets to the country where your fiancé lives shows that you have made a trip to visit them in their country as claimed.
  • Hotel receipts proving your visit and travel plans- Hotels receipts prove that you were staying in a place where you claim your fiancé lives or traveled to together.
  • Miscellaneous receipts for dinners, shows, movies, and other attractions that a couple might enjoy together. – Miscellaneous receipts from shows, dinners, events and the like, show that you spent time and money together as a couple.
  • Phone and text records showing communication with one another. – Phone and text records are important. They show that when apart, you communicate with each other. I recommend a sampling throughout your relationship.
  • Statements from friends and family members attesting to your relationship. – Have your friends and family write a letter stating that they are aware of your relationship and can see that you are in love.
  • Engagement Ring pictures and receipts (if you have). -If you have purchased an engagement ring, definitely provide a picture of the ring and the receipt for its purchase. If you have not done so because of the expense, than that’s fine.
These items as well as what you will state in your personal interview will provide the required proof that your relationship is genuine and that you wish to get married.
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