K1 Fiance Visas for Honest Couples

The purpose of a K1 Fiance Visa is to provide a visa to the foreign finace of a US Citizen who wishes to get married. Its a benefit of US Citizenship. When processing the visa application, the US Government through The US Department of Homeland Security and the US State Department will review the application to determine the truthfulness or validity of the relationship. Dishonest relationships will be rooted out and those applications denied. The responsibility for providing proof of the relationship is on the couple applying for the visa. In determining what evidence is helpful in proving your relationship is genuine, you must consider what an honest relationship looks like. A couple in love do things together. They go places together. They talk and  share information about themselves with others. If you focus on just those basic relationship areas alone, you can come up with plenty of evidence to support your application. Here is a list of evidence that that touches upon each of those basic relationship facts:

  • Pictures
  • Facebook and Social media post
  • Phone records
  • Receipts of expenses together
  • Statements from family friends who know of the relationship
  • Examples of communications (Letters, Cards, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, etc…)

When filing your application, you should submit many examples of this type of evidence to support your case.  It shows that you have an honest and typical relationship.

If you have any questions about the K1 Fiance Visa or the process of filing for a K1 Fiance Visa, please feel free to call me toll free at 1-888-515-352 anytime. I welcome your call and look forward to speaking with you about your matter.

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