The income requirement for a Fiance Visa

To successfully petition a fiance for a fiance visa, you should be able to show that your earn 125% above the poverty guideline for your size family. I say 125% because this is the number you will need to show when you petition your fiance for their Legal Permanent Residency once married. If you fail to meet this requirement then you will have to demonstrate that you have sufficient assets, if liquidated, to support your fiance in lieu of your insufficient income. I think a good benchmark for assets is about 3 times the income requirement.  If you are unable to show sufficient income and or assets to petition your fiance, then you may be able to present a co-sponsor who does meet the income and or asset requirement. It is important to check with the US Embassy located in your foreign fiance’s country to see whether they will accept a co-sponsor if needed.

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Attorney Jeffrey C. Pettys


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