Why Hire a Fiance Visa Attorney?

I recently did an internet search using the following two key word phrases; Fiance Visa and Fiance Visa Attorney. I wanted to see who was advertising on the internet for this type of immigration service. I was dismayed to see so many non-lawyers and visa service companies practicing law and listed next to my law firm and other experienced attorneys. I reviewed several of these visa service sites and came away with a few important observations; they all have very low prices, vague descriptions of their real experience, no obvious accountability for mistakes, no authority to give legal advice to their clients, no authority to work with the Immigration agencies involved with obtaining a fiance or marriage visa for a client, and no law degree listed.

I was someone who once needed to hire an Immigration Attorney to help my wife become a Legal Permanent Resident some 30 years ago, and I am also someone who has been in the practice of law for more than 20 years. As such, I can tell you that such low costs solutions are risky.

I am sure each of these low cost visa service companies can point to a successful case of theirs and maybe you will be one of the lucky ones if you hire them, but you should consider the following before cutting corners on something as important as a fiance visa and marriage:

A visa preparation service could very well be violating state laws concerning the unauthorized practice of law. While a visa service may help you fill out a form, only licensed attorneys can give legal advice.  I cant think of a case where I have not had to give legal advice or answer legal questions posed by my clients during the course of my representation. Every client has lots of questions and concerns and those questions should be addressed and solved by an experienced legal representative with the legal authority to do so. 

If mistakes are made, which is more likely to happen if you hire a visa services company, the visa service company is not accountable to any regulatory agency that I can think of. If a negligent error is made, the client may have little recourse but to hire legal counsel to fix the mistake. Keep in mind, every attorney is required to register with their state bar association. This assures you  that your attorney is licensed as he or she claims and that you are able to contact the State Bar Association to get a report of the conduct of your chosen attorney. Many visa service websites contain little or no information about who they are, what their credentials are, their level or true and relevant experience and how they are accountable if a negligent mistake is made. Simply because someone is familiar with the fiance visa forms, does not mean they have the expertise to handle your fiance visa application from start to finish.

I understand that its important to try and save money when ever you can. But, just remember the old adage….”you get what you pay for”. When it comes to something as important as your marriage, buy the experience and piece of mind that you need.

If you have any questions about the fiance visa or the marriage visa, just give me a call. Your consultation is always welcome and free. You can reach me toll free at 1-888-515-3529.

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