The Financial documents needed to support an Affidavit of Support

Whether you are filing for a K1 Fiance Visa or a CR1 Marriage Visa, you will be required to file an Affidavit of Support and prove that you meet the income/asset requirements of a petitioner.
For a Fiance Visa, you will be required to file Form I-134 Affidavit of Support. Whereas, for a Marriage visa and when you apply for Permanent Residency, you must file Form I-864 Affidavit of Support. Regardless, each form requires nearly the same supporting financial proof.
The first document that you will need to provide is a copy of your most recent tax return. If you have not filed your most recent tax return, you will need to file it, or show Immigration that you got an extension or that you are not required to file by law. In most cases, the petitioner has to show a copy of the most recent tax year tax return. You will also need to provide a copy of a W2 or 1099 to support the income listed on your tax return.

Depending on your circumstances and which form you are using, you may need to submit proof of your account balances for any bank accounts, investments and other assets of true value. A letter from your bank or investment institution describing the type of accounts that you have and your balances will suffice. In the alternative, you can submit bank/investment statements. In the case of property, an appraisal along with any loans taken out against the property would be recommended.

If you are currently working, you will also want to submit a letter from your employer describing what it is that you do as your job, your start date and your annual salary.

If you do not meet the required level of income or assets, you will need a co-sponsor.  A co-sponsor will need to submit the same financial proof as described above.
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