Extreme Vetting for the K1 Fiance Visa

Recent efforts by various US Embassies to more closely scrutinize K1 Fiance Visa applications has resulted in some unexpected delays and holds on the issuance of certain requested visas, while additional evidence is requested.  This heightened scrutiny or extreme vetting is coming from places in the world where a suspicion of fraud is high and/or where the couple appear to be ignoring established cultural norms for marriages and weddings. In such cases, the petitioner and beneficiary may need to present additional evidence to obtain their desired approval. In these cases, be prepared to provide the following additional evidence to obtain your K1 Fiance Visa approval:
  • Access to all social media accounts
  • Proof of continuous communications between the couple while apart
  • Additional photographs showing that the couple have spent meaningful time together
  • Evidence that a marriage license has been applied for in the US
  • Evidence of a marriage date
  • Evidence that accommodations have been reserved for a wedding ceremony and reception
  • List of guests with contact information
  • Affidavits or sworn statements from parents stating that they are aware of the wedding plans of their child and approve of the marriage
If this information is available at the inception of the application, I recommend submitting it along with all your forms, documents and other evidence.

Also, if a consular officer determines that additional information is needed to further scrutinize an application, he or she can request that form DS-5535 be submitted. This form requires further in depth background information from the applicant. Once submitted, the Embassy will further review your application and advise you of their decision. In most cases, no further interviews are required.
If you have any questions about the K1 Fiance Visa or your plans for getting married, you are welcome to call me anytime toll free at 1-888-515-3529 to discuss.
Attorney Jeff Pettys
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